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Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute

Budokai South is a martial arts school located in Aiken,SC that offers unrivaled, traditionally-styled, reality based self-defense instruction. Our school offers instruction in the traditional, Japanese martial arts of Jujitsu and Aikijujitsu. With our class sizes being smaller, we are able to provide every student with more personalized instruction. The range and type of techniques includes comprehensive instruction in striking, throwing, joint-manipulation, choking, and ground-defense, all under the premise of real life self-defense. Please visit our website at

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Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute location Map
2 Grady Williams Circle
Aiken, SC 29805
United States
Phone: 803-341-3221

Martial Art Styles

The following Martial Arts Styles are offered at Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute:

  • Aiki Jitsu (Aikijutsu)
  • Jiu-Jitsu (Jujutsu/Jujitsu)
  • Judo

Programs & Class Schedule

General Jujitsu/Aikijujitsu Classes:

-Traditional instruction for modern self-defense
-We are a non-sport/MMA/competition dojo
-Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm
-Must be at least 16 years of age
-Membership fee is $80 a month; no contract
Please contact us to learn more and/or set an appointment to watch a class!

L.E.A.R.N System for Law Enforcement:

Multiple officer techniques - They will learn techniques that several officers can use together on the same subject. Many times when several officers are trying to subdue an individual, they inadvertently are fighting against each other, as they try to apply conflicting techniques at the same time. The training I offer will help multiple officers subdue someone as efficiently as possible, by utilizing techniques that work in conjunction with each other.

Guarding - This principle will train officers to understand the most effective ways to position their hands and body to best protect themselves. These principles work in conjunction with Safe Zones and also apply to ground techniques.

Safe Zones and Controlling Distances - are designed to keep the officers in specific positions, relative to the subject, where they themselves can apply multiple techniques, but where the subject cannot effectively counter attack.

Takedowns - are designed to put the individual on the ground and under control as quickly as possible. These techniques are not to be confused with throws, because they are not designed to cause injury.

Pain Compliance - Pressure point and joint manipulation techniques are designed to make the subject obey the officer without causing physical injury. These also can be used for takedowns and come-along techniques, depending upon the situation. In addition, the level of pressure applied can be increased, if necessary.

Ground Techniques and Hold Downs - If an officer should go to the ground with an individual, they will learn many positions that work in conjunction with safe zones and guarding. These Hold Downs are designed to immobilize the subject and restrain him/her, but keep the officer in a safe zone so he/she will not be subject to severe injury while waiting for backup, or while trying to enact an arrest.

Weapons Defenses - there are situations that may arise when an officer will need to defend himself from a knife, gun or club attack. Officers will learn ways to disarm, protect themselves, and gain control of a subject when forced to defend themselves against a weapon without the aid of their own weapons.

Weapon Retention - These principles work in conjunction with safe zones, where officers will learn how to position their body to apply many techniques and be safer from counter attack, but also how to be in the best position possible to keep their weapons at the most difficult angle/distance from a subject.

Off Balancing - Officers will learn that keeping an individual off balance makes it harder for the subject to attack or resist. In addition, understanding off-balancing will help the officers to apply takedowns and many other techniques more effectively.

Blending, Yielding and Momentum - Understanding these principles will keep officers from fighting against the strength of a subject that is resisting. Instead of using force themselves, officers will learn how to use the force and momentum of an attacker against himself to actually help to enact a successful arrest or defense.

Incapacitation - These specific techniques are reserved for when an officer feels that a high level of force is required for his or her own safety or for the safety of another, when all other options have failed. These techniques include vital point striking, throws, joint dislocations, and chokes. Many times, these specific techniques become necessary when individuals are not responding to pain compliance because they are under the influence of various drugs and/or are violently attacking an officer.

Unrehearsed Self-defense, Arresting and Multiple Attack scenarios - we will practice unrehearsed scenarios in class, so that officers will learn how to apply the techniques they have learned in a realistic manner. Without knowing what is about to happen, the officers will be forced to decide the best way to handle any situation.

Understanding the body’s natural reactions to stress in combat situations - This phenomenon is sometimes called “Fight or Flight Syndrome”. Officers will become educated in this phenomenon, and learn special techniques to lesson the effects that hinder cognitive thinking and physical performance.

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