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Most Common Martial Arts School (Dojo) Names

Here is a list of most common Dojo names, based on 30,654 Dojos listed with dojos.info. Some of these names may indicate the top franchises in the Martial Arts industry, particularly in the USA, others indicate popular choices. If you are looking for a rather unique Dojo name for a Dojo, you might want to avoid these. If you are looking for a Dojo with specific name, try Searching Dojo By Name.

If you click on any of the names in the list of common Dojo Names below, it will show you all Dojo with that Name.

Dojo NameCount
ATA Black Belt Academy112
Karate For Kids100
United Studios of Self Defense73
Academy of Martial Arts60
Martial Arts America55
Karate America32
Taekwondo USA29
Taekwondo Plus26
American Martial Arts Academy26
Premier Martial Arts26
USA Karate25
Tiger Schulmann's Karate Ctr24
Eastern Shotokan Karate Association21
Action Karate21
ATA Blackbelt Academy20
Black Belt Academy19
International Martial Arts19
Kuk Sool Won18
Martial Arts Academy17
Kyokushin Karate16
Tracy's Karate Studio16
East West Karate15
Red Dragon Karate15
American Martial Arts15
USA Martial Arts15
American Karate Academy14
Martial Arts USA14
White Tiger Martial Arts14
Kenpo Karate14
Martial Arts Ctr14
Progressive Martial Arts14
The Dojo14
American Kenpo Karate13
Tae Kwon Do13
World Martial Arts Academy13
Akka Karate USA13
Elite Martial Arts13
Karate USA13
Wing Chun Kung Fu13
Universal Martial Arts12
American Karate Studio12
Lee's Martial Arts12
Family Martial Arts12
United Martial Arts12
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu11
U S Taekwondo Ctr11
National Karate Schools11
Kung Fu Academy11
Universal Kempo Karate Schools11
TSKC (Tairyoku SKC)11
Champion Martial Arts11
Ultimate Martial Arts11
Masters of Martial Arts Black Belt Academies11
World Tae Kwon DO Academy11
Tiger Martial arts10
Villari's Martial Arts Ctr10
Mountain Kim Martial Arts10
Martial Arts World10
Family Martial Arts Ctr10

This list shows Dojo Names that has 10 or more Dojo listed. It is updated automatically every hour.

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Top Martial Arts Styles

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